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A Staging Secret: a Small Backyard can become a Big Feature

Is your yard "too small?"  Of course it is, you are in Texas.  Whoever said everything is "bigger in Texas" forgot to omit your yard.  However, there is no need to worry; by keeping these few things in mind, your yard can become one of your most favorable features.

Size Matters.  When showcasing your backyard, make certain that the size of your patio furniture is appropriately sized relative to the size of your yard. Large furniture in a small space makes the space look even smaller.

Less is More.  ​There is no need to showcase all of the many activities you can do in your backyard. Limit the outdoor area to a couple of focus areas such as seating and grilling or gardening and swinging.  Too many "areas" can clutter the yard making it appear even smaller.

Fence Appeal.  You have heard of curb appeal, but have you considered "fence appeal."  How does your yard look from the fence? Considering a yard is high on the list when looking for a home; therefore, it is critical that you treat the backyard the same as the front.  Remove random yard toys, weed the gardens, cut the grass, and keep it simple.

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