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"Kallie gave constructive advice.....we had a contract on our home the day is went on the market"

"Responds to our calls, texts, and emails quickly"

"Kallie helped us sell our home for full asking price (twice - since the first buyer's financing fell through late in the game) very quickly.  She acted professionally, promptly, and always in our best interest.  She also helped us purchase our current home, which was no small task.  We were very particular about what we wanted, and very inflexible in what we were willing to spend.  Needless to say, she showed us a LOT of houses, and if she every grew weary of us she never let on.  We even won a new TV for the kids' game room at the customer appreciation party.  Great experience all around."  - Julie

"Professional and reliable....willing to go above and beyond"

“Kallie is extremely true to her word! I responded to her letter after almost six months her being trying to earn my business and should have responded on day one. She sold my home and we closed in 30 days leaving offers on the table. Also her contacts will get you offers immediately. Kallie will give you confidence and stand behind you until it's done. I strongly recommend her to anyone wanting to list their home and I will certainly miss her upbeat positive personality. She is a great honest person to do business with and I will stay in contact with her for future business reasons.”-Paul


Kallie is a phenomenal realtor. I have to admit to being a "stickler" and someone that isn't necessarily the type to give an all 5 star rating unless there is a reason. After having dealt with less than stellar realtors in the past, I know a good realtor from a bad one.   Kallie's strengths from a seller's perspective include her local knowledge  and her ability to negotiate firmly but fairly. She provided solid information when it  came to establishing a  price for our home and set us up with a professional photographer that also did a great job. Our house was on the market for about a week and had 3 offers on it at a price that we were quite content with. From the point of accepting an offer, Kallie and her assistant Jackie kept us in the loop during our sale, provided guidance where necessary and helped us to make the right decisions in selling our home. I recommend her without any reservations whatsoever .  Her local knowledge is unparalleled which really sets her apart from the rest.-Mike

“We had a good experience with Kallie Ritchey in selling our home in Roanoke. Kallie gave constructive advice for us, which we followed, for some updates for the house and yard. They were not pushy, nor did they come into our home with an air of "we know it all," they were fair and they listened to us and our concerns.
We had a contract on our home the day that it officially went on the market.” –R. Biggs

“Kallie is a very professional and reliable agent. She works hard for her clients and is willing to go above and beyond for them. It was a pleasure working with her and I would definitely use her again in the future.”-Bob

“Kallie is absolutely the most professional agent we have used. She is a hard working go-getter, incredibly knowledgeable, honest and to the point. She grabbed our attention initially by knocking on our door to market herself. What really impressed us is her attentiveness and quick response to our communications. In my opinion, you couldn't have a better agent.”-J. Ludwig

Kallie is very professional and very enjoyable to work with. She went above and beyond when things arose to make the experience less stressful for us. She knows the local areas and negotiates for her clients. She would respond to our calls, texts and emails quickly and was available on weekends and evenings. I would highly recommend her as an agent.”-Josh

 “My home was in foreclosure and Kallie worked very hard to get a short sale done on the property. The property was in need of a lot of work and I was behind on my payments. It gave me great relief to have my house sold. She was very prompt and efficient when returning my calls and emails. I don't think anyone else would have been able to get the job done in the short amount of time that she had-Heaslet



"Kallie is a miracle-worker...asking-price cash-offer about 6 hours"

"I don't think anyone else would have been able to get the job done..."

 "Kallie was honest, great to work with, very professional and goes the extra mile!  I will definitely use her again in the future as se has a network of people se works with and can help in any direction you want to go."  Deidra

"Her Contacts Will Get You Offers Immediately!"

"We had 3 offers....her local knowledge is unparalleled"

"Kallie is a miracle-worker.  She got me an asking-price offer about 6 hours after listing my former house.  My family and I really appreciate the amazing job se did for us! - Jordan Leeper

"She has a network of people...."

"She acted professionally, promtly, and always in our best interest"

"Hard working go-getter, incredibly knowledgeable, honest and to the point"