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What to look for in selling a home

and finding an agent

Navigating real estate through death and divorce.

Should you rent or own? 

Spring cleaning and staging your home to sell 

Real Estate Talk 7-17-2015

  • Real Estate Talk 3-18-1542:06

What happens after my house is in contract- inspections, appraisals, negotiations, and contingencies?

​​Why is Northwest ISD such a great

district and where to live

Kallie Ritchey and NW ISD Reps

  • Real Estate Talk 5-21-1659:43

How to make money in the buy, sell, or investment in Real Estate

  • Real Estate Talk 5-8-20161:00:00

Real Estate Talk 7-31-16

Coming soon!

  • Real Estate Talk 4-24-1659:59

  • Real Estate Talk 2-21-161:00:00

Your tax assessment- what it means and how

to protest 

  • Real Estate Talk 3-27-1656:29