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Whether you are looking to buy your first house or you have been through this process more times than you can truly recall, we will do everything possible to find you the house that meets your needs.  Take a few moments and fill out the form with your criteria to receive your FREE list of potential houses for you to call home.

a NOT-So Secret Buyer's Guide


  1. Avoid large purchases within 3-6 months prior to purchasing a home.  Taking on additional debt will affect your ability to get a loan.
  2. Get pre-approved prior to beginning your search.
  3. Get a survey.

  4. Real estate is cyclical; buy when you can afford the home that meets your needs.

  5. You may not want the biggest house on the block as it may not appeal to largest amount of buyers if you need to resell.

  6. Know your budget and account for all costs, not just the mortgage.

  7. Don't buy on emotion.

  8. Hire a home inspector.

  9. Make a reasonable offer.  You do not want to offend the seller if you are really interested in purchasing the home.

  10. Know the neighborhood at all hours and school zones as value is affected by location.